Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

Duck life 5 is different from the duck life before. It is now a treasure hunt game. You will play the first duck to find lost treasure and take an adventure. If you also like challenges, come to Duck life 5 for an exciting and mysterious treasure hunt.

Duck life 5 game content

In Duck Life 5, you will play the first duck to find lost treasure and then embark on a treasure hunt. Move in the direction through the direction keys to avoid various obstacles in the journey.  Furthermore, it is necessary to flexibly control the duck so that it can safely pass through different dangerous places such as caves and temples, and improve its running ability, jumping skills, and flying ability. Only in this way can the duck complete the exploration task and find the most valuable treasure.

Duck life 5 game features

Duck life 5 is very different from the previous issues, with more emphasis on your multi-party cooperation ability so that ducks can safely cross dangerous situations as soon as possible when taking risks. Harvesting more gold coins can enable them to shop and upgrade in shops, for example, they can buy a small pet so that some people can share it in the process of exploration.

Duck life 5 is an upgraded treasure hunt game. You will help ducks to take their treasure hunt tour, overcome the challenging obstacles in the journey, and try to find the hiding place of the treasure. Dress up is an exciting design game, where you can have a platform to develop your talents and turn all your thoughts into reality. And you can also learn a lot here.

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